Personalized Storytelling
Empowering People
Promoting Health

Very much like individualized medicine, Treepple provides individualized health information, making it significantly more relevant, engaging, and actionable.


People feel empowered by information specific to their health profile. News tells people what to think about, but not what to think. Our messages allow people to consider findings we report without triggering pushback that hampers health outcomes.


Treepple rapidly brings your projects to life through design and creative services, script development, professional video shoots, expert post-production, cutting edge animation, VR, AR and drone work.


Treepple adds the pace and immediacy of TV news to health education media to increase understanding and compliance. Using newsroom-based processes we can rapidly produce finished videos to support your educational programs.


  • "Our team is eager to work with you again to produce more videos, which will focus on the individual patient education components of TIGER Protocol. (The team) worked like seasoned professionals and created a great end-product. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results!"

    - Tami Day, MU Health

  • "His pioneering work will inspire others to find new ways of tailoring health information to the needs of individual communities in what will be remembered as one of the first true pilot studies of a community-informatics infrastructure in health journalism."

    Bradford W. Hesse, on Founder Glen Cameron, Chief of the Health Communication and Informatics Branch, National Cancer Institute

  • "The articles that I read were always informative, and pertained to problems that I have, or questions I may have had."

    - Treepple User


Watch Treepple in action as we compose and deliver a story on the fly based on your selection criteria.