Do your patients find health information...

Complicated? Confusing? Irrelevant?

Champion a Knowledgeable, Informed, and Engaged Patient

Treepple ® empowers users to break through the clutter of health messages. Treepple users are given the health information they need to engage and empower to make valuable decisions about their health and wellness. Treepple achieves this by integrating pertinent, trustworthy, and accurate tailored health information in users' daily news consumption. Treepple content is designed to be brief and easy to understand by everyone and is delivered as video, audio, or text.

We are surrounded by an abundance of health and wellness information - from the morning news on TV to the updates of our friends on social media, health information is an integral part of our lives. Information overload and making sense of the clutter is stretching our capacity to process health messages. We hear, but we don’t pay attention. We may try to pay attention, but we don’t know which information is relevant. When we finally decide that we need a piece of health information, we may not understand it or we may be worried about the trustworthiness of the source.

Scientific and empirical data supports the value of pertinent and appropriately delivered health information in changing beliefs, attitudes and behaviors and in creating awareness about health issues and promoting individual and societal actions to address health problems. Lack of engagement with healthy living habits and disease management is the root of many socially-driven diseases (such as obesity, smoking, etc.), leading to exponential increases in insurance and healthcare costs.

The Treepple® Advantage

Practices, Clinics, Hospitals

Increase patients’ awareness, knowledge and engagement, promote higher treatment compliance, and boost patient satisfaction, and increase utilization of your online services. Contribute to the well-being of your community. Foster a better partner for your shared decision processes.

Health Plans

Reduce your per capita cost by increasing engagement with disease prevention and health promotion practices. Improve your customers' satisfaction and well-being while enhancing your brand recognition and appeal. Grow a more health conscious, educated, and engaged patient base.

Treepple® Tailored Health Education

We extend the reach of doctors and typical health educational materials by delivering credible health information tailored to the individual user’s health issues and personal characteristics. We increase attention, engagement, and interest with health stories by presenting each user immersive video, audio, or written news stories or informational articles several times a week. Each story is always individualized to each user's specific health-related interests, needs, and demographics. Among others, Treepple ® news stories offer an evidence-based response to breaking news stories, vetted by a team of medical doctors and delivered by news anchors with healthcare background.

Treepple ® tailored health information and education is delivered either through your dedicated web page on our site. Upon request we can provide a highly customizable interface, designed to seamlessly integrate into your current website or patient portal design.