How Treepple Works

Treepple technology is designed to seamlessly become part of our clients' web presence by directly embedding the tailored news stream into their web site using an iFrame. Treepple content is delivered directly by the Treepple servers and is individualized to each user based on a set of unique parameters.

User privacy: We only use automatically assigned tokens to keep track of individual users. Treepple's corporate customers hold the data and register their users with our service. No personal or medical information is transferred to Treepple; only customized, proprietary codes will be exchanged.

Treepple is designed following the most current web standards and only uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript technologies to deliver the news stream. The technology is compatible with all web browsers that support the HTML 5 standard.

Where Does The News Come From?

We make news from scratch. Our team of highly trained medical editors, in collaboration with our team of researchers and physicians, continuously review published research in key topic areas. Selected studies are then used by our health writers as the source for Treepple's video or audio scripts or written stories. This process follows our proprietary algorithm which allows for individual story tailoring to each specific user. Specific corporate customer requests can be accommodated as well and become part of the news stream. Once the news stories are ready, they are reviewed and vetted by a team of physicians. Some of the stories will be directly published in our news stream while others will be converted by our production team into immersive video or audio news.

Watch Tailored News in Action

The two sample stories discuss recommendations for including cow's milk in children's diets. The tailoring variables used for each story are indicated below.

Tailoring variables:
Child age: > 2 yo
Tailoring variables:
Child age: toddler (1-2 yo)

To see tailoring in action, play the videos simultaneously.