Academic roots

Treepple was developed through years of academic research at the highly esteemed University of Missouri School of Journalism. Instead of blaming people for failing to change their behavior, our research questioned how the messages fail to empower people to change. We refined our understanding of personal relevance and built it into our invention of editorial processes and delivery software.

News is familiar

People demand news they can use now more than ever. Our medical writers assure Treepple stories are definitive. Treepple videos are short and easily understood, while being a reliable source of information.

Personalized Storytelling

Personalization allows Treepple doctors and journalists to expertly craft unique stories, customized to each and every Treepple user. The age of mass produced stories in only one version is not good enough for today's audience. The future we are bringing will help people manage their own health better than ever before.

The Treepple Way

Treepple stories are written with engagement in mind. By phrasing content in a way that reminds, rather than instructs, Treepple is able to decrease reactance and avoidance. We give people the choice of seeing content important to them and continually find ways to establish personal connections with our users.

Partners and Clients